Portfolio for Blaine Brown

This portfolio showcases my professional work in many creative and professional spaces. For a detailed itemization of my experience and education, please see the sidebar. My resume is also available to download.


Robopatrol is an animated series that was written, directed, animated, and performed by me. Although I hope to audition some actors and actresses soon for the various parts, this pre-release version is a good indicator of my skills. I'm very proud of it.

Above is the trailer, if you just want a taste. However, the entire 12 episode mini-series is available below. It is about 30 minutes long. If you have the time, please give it a watch.

Robopatrol Season One v0.3 Alpha

This is the pre-release version. The full version will have prettier voices and more intense special effects. Scripts are available here.

Community Storybook

Community Storybook, which will someday host Robopatrol, is a project to create humorous videos for the internet.

The other projects I have developed include let's play (video game capture with commentary), live action, special effects, green screen, and vlog-style videos.


As a Transcriptionist for Gamasutra, I receive audio interviews and turn them into written text. I frequently make decisions regarding what should be recorded and how to convey the speakers’ diction as it best fits the intent and format of the article that will soon be published.

Some published articles:

Insert Credit Show

For more than two years, I have edited the Insert Credit Show from a live video source into an audio show every week. This includes adding intro music, fixing audio inconsistencies and errors, and creating bumpers at the beginning and end of the show to keep the audience engaged.

In addition to editing the file show itself, I have also maintained the Insert Credit website and Facebook fan page by creating posts with details of each episode, updated the RSS feed, tracked data for the show's engagement, and interacted with fans by answering questions, collecting submissions, and communicating news about the show.


For four months I contracted with PETA as a creative content writer for the International Grassroots Campaigns division. This allowed me to work on creative projects designed to bring publicity to the company.

My work includes:

T-Shirt Design

In the summer of 2014, I created this design. The humor of the design resonated with social media audiences. The original post has more than 5000 notes on Tumblr and new sales come in each day.


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Blaine Brown

Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and Journalism



Writer & Director
Community Storybook
April 2013 - Present

Transcriptionist (contract)
March 2016 - Present

Audio Editor
The Insert Credit Show
March 2013 - Present

Content Writer (contract)
June 2013 - September 2013

Substitute Teacher
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
January 2009 - December 2012

SharpShooter Imaging
June 2007 - Decemeber 2008



Bachelor of Arts in English
Old Dominion University (2007 - 2013)
Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and Journalism


Awards and Certifications

Professional Writing Certificate
Old Dominion University, 2013

Monarch Think Tank Pilot Program
Old Dominion University, 2011

Technical Writing
Old Dominion University, 2011

Digital Public Journalism
Old Dominion University, 2011



Old Dominion University, 2008

Web Development
Old Dominion University, 2011

Digital Writing
Old Dominion University, 2013

Typing Speed: 100 Words Per Minute

Computer Animation
Community Storybook, 2015

Chroma Key Editing (Green Screen)
Community Storybook, 2014

Digital Audiovisual Art
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Flash Pro, Photoshop, Gnu Image Manipulation Program, Audacity, Microsoft Suite, and adaptability to all modern software.