List of Silly Things to Buy | Updated 2013-01-31

I started this list, privately, to jot down ideas for things I'd like to get when I have money. They are all silly. I decided to make the list public so we could laugh about them together.

(Do not buy these things for me, I have very particular tastes.)

Captain's hat



Space Jumpsuit

Doctor's labcoat

Briefcase (for sandwiches)

Partyometer (link)

Doomsday Device

Gun that shoots confetti

Make a Flag

ID card / Laminator

Old Globe Minibar

Old World Map

Inflatable Pool

Ball Pit

Treasure Chest

Giant self portrait (painted?)

Napoleon outfit and stick pusher thing (link)

Cowboy Hat

Bathtub bed

Snake in a Can (I need more)

Security Uniform + Badge

Reciept Printer

Green Laser Pointer (50 mW)

Book Shelf Secret Switch (using lamp chain pull)

Golf bag with only a Putter

Mini-Golf Rug

Sword Cane

Shakespeare Bust

Red Batphone

Internet on a Pedestal (link)

Lucha Libre Mask (link)

Robot Vacuum

Grappling Hook

Hand and Foot Climbing Claws

Book Safe (link link)

LED Matrix ticker

Phone booth / ATM / computer kiosk / rackmount monitor & keyboard

Vending Machine


Cigarette case (for lollipops)

Chef's hat

Fairy in a Bottle from Zelda

Jar of Radioactive Spiders

Jar of Wifi

Giant scissors


Reserved triangle and doorknob thing

Art History book

Hilarious certificates and trophies

Men's pajamas that look like a dress shirt

Pokemon Badges / Ace Attorney Badge

Painting that just says "ART"

Black turtleneck and gloves (for B&Es)

Gun Cabinet for video game equipment

Party Roulette Water Balloon Game (link link)

Manty Hose (link link link)

Emergency Button rewired for other uses (link link)

Spandex Superhero Costume from Bonhoo (link)

Sticky Hands

Gold Skull (link link)

Faceted Crystal Sphere (link link)

Bat Belt (link)

Wax Seal

Senzu Beans

Winter Friends Wish (link link)