Insert Credit Podcast | 2013-05-17

Lately, I have been editing the audio version for one of my favorite podcasts, Insert Credit featuring Tim Rogers, Alex Jaffe, Frank Cifaldi, and Brandon Sheffield (Note: I do not appear on this podcast).

The regular editor for icpod fell behind a few months ago. Since I was converting the podcast to mp3 anyway (so I could listen in my car on the way to school) I emailed Tim Rogers and offered to do it so everyone else could listen. He agreed.

When it was just for myself, I only converted the Google Hangout video to mp3 and loaded it onto my iPod. However, when tasked to do it for the official feed, I was required to cut it down, add intro music, include the traditional "Podcast over yeaaaahhhhh!" outro, and edit the xml file.

To date, I have edited 10 episodes (numbers 35-45) and plan to do many more. I hope everyone enjoys the 'cast!