Remap Fn Key Functionality | 2011-04-06

Short answer: you probably can't.

I recently purchased a new keyboard and mouse combo from Logitech: the K520. The one I chose was the one that looked the most standard (I would've rather gotten a mac keyboard, but those wireless ones don't have numpads). I failed to notice the Fn key that takes the place of both the Context Menu key and the Right Windows key. I spent most of last night scouring the internet looking for a way to remap this key to a Windows key (who uses the context menu key anyway?).

I already knew that the function key, by itself, does not send a signal to the computer. I had hoped, however, that Logitech provided some sort of key combo feature that I could at least tell it to pretend Fn + Left Arrow was Win + Left Arrow. But the Fn functionality seems to be hardware based, and the only configuration I could tell it was to ignore the signal of the preprogrammed functions or not.

Anyway, give up all hope. I really need to find a standard wireless keyboard that's not a ugly looking shape, with new, low laptop-style keys. I had planned on getting a mac keyboard and finding a program to use the F-key functions (like F10-F12 keys acting as volume buttons); but the lack of numpad ended that dream.